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Emma Watson’s Dress Is Completely Defying Gravity and Fans Are Baffled

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Emma Watson recently followed in the illustrious footsteps of countless other celebrities and started her own liquor brand; a “luxury gin made with upcycled grapes” called Renais.

Emma actually founded the company with her brother, Alex, and the two of them just did a promotional shoot in matching blue outfits. However, Emma’s look—a flowing blue dress—appears to be defying gravity, leaving everyone in a state of confusion/bafflement

Truly, the comments section on this post is hilarious—some highlights:

“The dress said wingardium leviosa”

“Someone make the dress make sense pls”

“This dress is defying physics”

“The dress looks like it’s floating. I’m trying to understand.”

“After reading through comments, I feel less bad about how long I had to stare at her dress to figure out what was happening.”

“This is what happens when you say LeviOsa instead of Leviosa.”

“That dress is the result of when you try to fold a fitted sheet.”

“I’m all for sustainable fashion, but, ma’am, are you wearing an upside down umbrella.”

“Is the dress…also earrings?”

“This dress looks like when the underwire in my bra breaks.”

“We need more pictures to understand the dress, pls.”

Emma’s dress is from Loewe—here’s a similar one in coral, where it’s easy to see that the fabric is held up by a structured bodice that gives the illusion of it being gravity-defying.

Super cool and genius of Emma to wear such a conversation piece to promote her brand.

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