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Emily Ratajkowski Steps Out in NYC Wearing the Perfect Slip Skirt for Transitional Dressing

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It’s still approximately one million degrees in New York City (as anyone who lives here can verify), but September is ominously lurking around the corner, which means we’re just t-minus several weeks until everything smells like pumpkin spice and we’ve officially entered cozy season. However, this is slightly inconvenient because it’ll still be hot as hell outside, meaning the time has come for awkward transitional dressing. And Emily Ratajkowski is out here getting a head start.

EmRata perfected the summer-to-fall transitional look while stepping out in NYC on August 16, wearing a crop top paired with an ultra low-waist silk skirt from Silk Laundry and brown leather boots.

celebrity sightings in new york city august 16, 2023

Gotham//Getty Images

celebrity sightings in new york august 16, 2023

MEGA//Getty Images

In case you need a break from wandering around in the same pair of cut-offs and want to recreate this look, the model’s exact Silk Laundry skirt is still available in a range of sizes.




Back in 2022, Emily talked about her approach to fashion with Grazia, saying, “When I started modeling full-time, I felt intimidated by fashion. I felt there were so many rules. But as I grew up and became more comfortable with myself, more of a woman, I was like, ‘This can be fun.’ Breaking the rules intentionally, understanding the history of fashion in the way I hadn’t before. Pulling from that.”

She added that having a child changed her approach, saying, “I’m more obsessed with getting him dressed, I have to admit. It’s just really fun to dress him right now, and I know that that’s not going to be forever. What happens is, in my process of getting ready, I end up giving him a lot more of my time, then I’ll have the last 15 minutes.”

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