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Elle MacPherson Says This Simple Lifestyle Change “Transformed” Her Body

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With a record five appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated, her own wellness brand and the reductive yet iconic nickname “The Body,” it’s safe to say that Elle Macpherson has made a name for herself as a legend in the world of health and beauty. At almost 60 years old, the Australian model and businesswoman looks as stunning as ever, and she just revealed via Instagram that this lifestyle change is the key to her age-defying radiance.

When you look at Macpherson, it may be hard to imagine her ever feeling insecure, but as we all do, the mother-of-two explained on her IG story yesterday that turning 50 prompted a lot of reflection in regards to why she wasn’t looking or feeling her best. “When I turned 50 I wasn’t feeling very well and I wasn’t looking very well,” she began. “I noticed my skin, hair, and weight…I was just not feeling inspired, I had sugar cravings and poor digestion.” In hopes of getting out of this rut, Macpherson says she consulted her nutritionist, and the lifestyle changes she suggested made all the difference.

“She said I was taking a lot of synthetic vitamins so she put me on a powerful multivitamin, prebiotic, and probiotic powder,” says Macpherson. “I saw such a change and my friend, who is now my CEO, said ‘What are you doing, you look amazing?’ and I told her I was taking this green powder and it’s changed my life.” After a mere month on a natural multivitamin and powerful greens powder, Macpherson found herself feeling better than ever.

The transformative experience inspired Macpherson to create her own supplement brand, WelleCo, which now features an assortment of science-backed elixirs, powders and more.

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