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DeWanda Wise on Her LED Light Splurge and the Skin-Care Line She Calls “Wildly Hydrating”

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She may have had a breakthrough role in last year’s box-office behemoth Jurassic World: Dominion, and she may have a big beginning of the year with her spot on Showtime’s upcoming series Three Women alongside Shailene Woodley and Betty Gilpin, but for DeWanda Wise, there’s still something pretty special about the Avon products her mom used to sell.

Beauty to me is…vital. Never underestimate the role that true beauty—the sense of awe and wonder it brings— plays in our well-being.

The greatest thing about aging is…the potential depth of contentment.

I feel most beautiful when…I treat myself with loving kindness.

The beauty move I still can’t master is…contouring. I turn into a Tim Burton character.

The beauty treatment I leave to the pros is…my brows. I’ve been microblading them since it was incredibly painful to do so back in 2015.

The beauty treatment I can’t live without is…water. Gotta stay hydrated!

The beauty treatment I splurge on is…a great facial with Raissa Reed.

The beauty product I always have with me is…vitamin E mixed with shea butter.

The last beauty-related thing I did for the first time was…Morpheus8 RF. It was wild, y’all! My skin felt reptilian for weeks.

Art Streiber for Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

The beauty hack I’ve learned while getting ready on set is…to work out first thing. My skin and my attitude really appreciate it.

The first big splurge I bought myself when I started booking roles was…a Celluma LED light.

The one store I shop at the most is…oo35mm in New York. A middle-school friend introduced me to Korean skin care at age 11, and I haven’t looked back since.

The last product I used until the end was…Chanel’s lift line. It’s wildly hydrating.

My favorite indulgence is…my weekly at-home facial routine. It’s an indulgent, hour-and-a-half process.

My favorite way to unwind is…watching something hilarious.

My first beauty memory is…using the Avon products my mom used to sell. I was using Skin So Soft at age 7 like I was Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.

My biggest beauty muse is…Naomi Campbell. She will always be the moment.

Art Streiber for Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

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