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Dax Shepard Wears This Tinted Moisturizer Every Day

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When you think of Dax Shepard, you probably think of fast cars and funny roles. However, if you’re an avid listener of his hit podcast Armchair Expert you know he has a more sensitive side as well, as he’s surrounded by women—his wife and former cover star, Kristen Bell, his daughters, and his co-host Monica Padman. On the June 5 episode of the podcast, Shepard shared the name of the tinted moisturizer he uses daily, and we’re here for men being open about their beauty and wellness routines.

It all began with Shepard discussing cars with Padman, who pointed out that she has no interest in or understanding of the topic. Shepard identified makeup as his version of a subject that feels distant to him, but he quickly retracted his statement. “I don’t know how in-depth or esoteric the makeup world gets, but that holds zero interest to me,” he said at first. After a brief pause, he added, “But it does because I have to wear makeup sometimes. So it’s not completely foreign to me.”

Padman reminded him that he liked a product from Victoria Beckham, who they previously had on the show. “Not past tense,” he corrected her. “I’m wearing it today. I put on a full face of makeup virtually with that. As I’m spreading it out I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, this is makeup. My whole face is a different color,” he goes on.

The tinted moisturizer in question is a collaboration between Victoria Beckham Beauty and Augustinus Bader called the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden ($60-$145). The product is skin care and makeup in one that speeds up cell renewal, shrinks the appearance of pores and boosts radiance while providing a subtle golden glow. Shepard explained that the formula looks like it has “gold sparkles and glitter” in it. “I use it every day,” he told Padman, noting that he wore it through hiking, a cold plunge and a nap that day.

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