Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dakota Johnson With a Blunt Blonde Bob Looks Like a Completely Different Person

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Dakota Johnson? More like Dakota Blondeson! (Credit for that moniker must be given to Glamour contributing writer Elizabeth Logan.) I, for one, would like to know who to thank for the hairspo that just dropped, courtesy of the 33-year-old actor’s upcoming film Daddio.

On August 28, TeaTime Pictures shared a couple of stills from its new movie starring Sean Penn and Johnson as a cab driver and a passenger, respectively, embedded in “an intimate, intense conversation between two strangers.” The film required Johnson to transform her hair from long dark chocolate layers to a warm platinum blonde bob with curtain bangs, and I am here for the switch-up.

Of course, the cut and color are likely the result of a little movie magic one might call a wig, considering Daddio was filmed in late December 2022 and Johnson was photographed the following month rocking near chest-length tresses and a much thicker fringe in her usual shade of brown. Hair simply does not grow that fast.

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