Monday, July 15, 2024

Ciara Perfected Her Curly Bob in a Way I Could Never in This Heat — See Photo

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Celebrities are not just like us, OK? I don’t wanna hear it. Can their beauty moments serve as inspiration for our own? Of course. But without access to unlimited hairstylist sessions, wigs and extensions (and the skills to expertly install them), and someone following us around for touch-ups, our hair is very unlikely to look like theirs on a regular basis. A perfect example this inevitable disparity? Ciara‘s long holiday weekend look.

Ciara posted the cutest photo of herself to her Instagram grid on July 3 — not to mention an Instagram Stories video — in which she’s seen wearing a silky, dark blue matching set. The caption, “4th of July Weekend Joy 🇺🇸,” reflects her mood about Independence Day, but it doesn’t even begin to explain how perfect her bob looks despite this country being deep into the dog days of summer.

First and foremost, a neck-grazing bob? In this heat? It’s a bold choice — one that boggles my mind as I think about how it would be fully stuck to my skin in that special, stringy way sweat causes. 

But can we take a moment to appreciate the logic-defying smoothness of these loose curls? The moment the current humidity hit my curls, it would look like if someone tried to make a cauliflower version of curly fries — undefined, puffy, and not what anyone ordered.

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