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Celebs Love This Cult-Classic Face Wash for Clear, Healthy Skin

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A good cleanser can make or break a skin-care routine. Think about it: If you don’t properly wash off all the daily grime, makeup and oil that builds up throughout the day, all the potent skin-care products you apply won’t work effectively. One of our favorites, iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, also has a long list of dermatologist and celebrity fans, from Lea Michele and Carey Mulligan to Zoey Deutsch and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who swear by it for clearer, healthier skin. It also won our 2022 NewBeauty Award for Best Post-Procedure Cleanser. Here’s why it’s so good.

The Benefits:

A lightweight cleansing gel, Cleansing Complex is loaded with powerful ingredients, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin and those who temporarily have delicate skin after an in-office procedure like a laser or microneedling. This is thanks to its well-balanced formula, which includes bionutrients, antioxidants and mild resurfacing ingredients. Dermatologists and aestheticians commonly recommend it for those with acne-prone skin as well because it thoroughly cleanses the skin and clears the pores of gunk, but it doesn’t strip the skin of any natural oils. It’s a common misconception that acne-prone skin should be “dried out,” but this can in fact cause the skin to produce more oil. A healthy balance is always key.

White willow bark is a key ingredient, which is a source of salicylic acid, the blemish-buster we all know and love that deep-cleans pores. It also contains sugarcane extract (a source of glycolic acid), and the two work together to encourage desquamation—the shedding of dull, dead skin cells on the surface—without irritating the skin. Antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E are the cherry on top for that extra layer of protection.

I also know several men who are fans of this cleanser and love using it before shaving to create a really clean, smooth surface for a close shave. Some people also use it in place of shaving cream!

Key Ingredients:

White willow bark extract, sugarcane extract, chamomile, centella asiatica, and vitamins A, C and E

How to Use:

Dampen your skin with a little bit of water (don’t forget your neck!). Dispense a small amount of gel into your hands, rub them together and then massage them into your skin. Massaging also boosts microcirculation, so don’t skimp here if you have time. Rinse well and pat dry.

Price/Where to Buy:

$45, (You can actually try it yourself if you’re one of the lucky ones to snag this week’s BeautyPass Free Gift Friday. Click here to sign up for BeautyPass if you haven’t already.)

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