Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Celebs Have Secretly Been Wearing This Mascara and It’s Finally Available Today

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Somewhere in the future, in museums far, far away, the humble Jo Baker’s eye-makeup looks will hang like art in the halls, with spectators scratching their heads, wondering how the heck she did it.

In the now, that question is still very real, very relevant, but maybe a little bit easier to answer as of today. 

Baker—who’s responsible for the recent red-carpet looks of Gal Gadot, Vanessa Kirby, Natasha Lyonne, Olivia Wilde (and that’s only a few)—is the queen of creative makeup looks. This morning, she also launched the ultimate eye-enhancing product, BAKEUP Tarantulash ($27), a does-everything mascara that her loyal clients have been testing over the past few months (it’s made appearances everywhere from the Met Gala to Mission Impossible).

Like the name suggests, this mascara delivers high-intensity spidery-spiky lashes—the kind of bold eye look you’d see on the red carpet or at a photo shoot. It’s not necessarily a look I thought I needed—it sounded a bit too glam for me, at least for everyday—but the best part about it is that it’s legitimately buildable, weightless, flake-free, and budge-proof. There’s also something about the curvy, easy-to-use wand that seems to give endless, comb-through options that won’t clump.

Baker is especially proud of the fact that it does NOT come off until you take it off, and I can attest that that is accurate after wearing it for the past (very humid) week and that it has moisturizing, lash-friendly ingredients that deliver protection and volumizing properties.

Put this one in the museum. 

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