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On The Set of Netflix’s “Bardo,” These Beauty Products Kept Actors’ Skin and Hair...

Many hairstylists will tell you how hectic a salon can get, but Lucy Betancourt sees the salon floor busyness and raises you the chaotic hustle and bustle of a movie set – where she...

Is Kim Kardashian’s Honey Blonde Hair the Sign of a New Era?

We're calling it now: A new era of Kim Kardashian is on the horizon. The reality star and entrepreneur is finished with her platinum blonde hair — or so it appears — and back to...

Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Coconut – Review

When I don’t want an in-your-face manicure — which is a lot of the time, because I’m super prone to chipping — I’ve been reaching for Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Coconut. It’s a glossy...

Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Triple Cherry – Review

There’s a reason classic beauty looks are so beloved — they stand the test of time on the chic-o-meter, and red manicures are about as classic as it gets. Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in...

Why Isn’t the Beauty Industry Talking About Hijabi Hair Care?

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.Walking through the beauty aisles as a young girl,...

23 Best Target Skin-Care Brands 2022: Hero Cosmetics, Versed, Mele, The Ordinary

There's a reason it's nearly impossible to check out at Target with just one item in your cart; the retailer has got it all — clothing, home goods, and, of course, beauty products. Though...

7 Best Skin-Nourishing Foundations That Are Worth Buying at Target 2022: Clean Foundation Brands

If you're looking to hop on the clean beauty train, take a look at these thoughtfully-formulated foundations that you can find at Target and meet the Allure clean standard.W3ll People Bio Stick FoundationWith over 13 years...

Black Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Face a Significant Disparity in Their Care

It was a lingering cough, not a lump in her breast, that led to Jamil Rivers's diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. After two months of chronic coughing, a chest scan revealed a shadow in...

27 Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers 2022 That Seem Way More Expensive Than They Actually...

You might have already knocked some of the big-ticket items off of your holiday shopping list, but even if you've only mentally hit "click to buy," consider adding some stocking stuffers to your cart,...

Dr. Pawpaw Overnight Lip Mask – Review

Dr. Pawpaw is a British brand that knows balms — the one it launched with, Dr  Pawpaw Original Multipurpose Balm, was a runaway success that sold every minute globally. So it’s not surprising that...