Rihanna Announced Her Super Bowl Performance With a Surprisingly Short Manicure

Rihanna fans, rejoice! The singer is officially set to be the next Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show performer. She will take the field at Super Bowl LVII, scheduled for February 12, 2023, at...

The Best Spray Sunscreens for Easy Application on Your Face & Body

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Your Libra October 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

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Rihanna Is Giving Cheshire Cat Realness With This Striped Hair

Over the years, Rihanna has blessed us with almost every hair look possible — long hair, bobs, pixie cuts — the list is infinite. Most recently, she's been giving us the maternity fashion looks of a...

When Rihanna Posts a Selfie in a Skin-Care Mask, It’s Art.

We believe that Rihanna can master just about anything. She makes being a mother-to-be look so effortless, but taking a walk in her stilettos would be nothing short of difficult (yet epic). Since launching...

The Obituary Dr Pepper Lip Smacker Deserves

Leslie Gibbs, who was the director of brand management, licensing, and product development at Bonne Bell from1999 to 2012, believes one reason for the popularity of Dr Pepper Lip Smacker was due to its...

Gigi Hadid Wore Gray Lipstick and… Actually Made It Look Good? — See Photos

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Ariana Grande Gave Another Rare Glimpse of Her Natural Curls

Self-care rituals begin with one common step: Pulling your hair away from the face, whether by tying up in a ponytail, sheathing it in a bonnet, or simply pulling it back with a headband....

How to Take Care of Your Bleached Eyebrows

It used to be if you pulled up any random photo of a person from any point in recent history, their makeup — the tint on the lips, shadow on the eyes, arch of the brow —...

Brown Mascaras Are Having a Major Moment on TikTok

TikTok trends come and go, but we’re betting that the online beauty community's latest craze, brown mascara, is going to stick around for a long time. Don't get us wrong: Drama-enhancing, jet-black shades will...