32-sephora-gifts-for-all event-deals-in-2023-to-shop-now

32 Sephora Gifts for All Event Deals in 2023 to Shop Now

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.We cannot stress how much we love it when...

Florence Pugh’s Gravity-Defying Mullet Is an ’80s Dream Come True — See Photos

I don't need to see any further proof that Florence Pugh is the queen of transitional hairstyles and hair colors. I mean, I want to see further proof — nothing delights me quite as...

How Hormones Can Affect Psoriasis

Approximately once per month, I burst into tears over an extremely minor pitfall — a papercut, a parking ticket, the realization that I’m missing the onion I need to chop into the pasta sauce. Only...

22 Best Face Serums 2023 to Target All Skin-Care Concerns

If there's one step in our daily skin-care routine that we dare not skip, it's applying serum. The best face serums deliver a highly concentrated, potent dose of active ingredients to the skin and...

The 10 Biggest Ear Piercing Trends of 2024, With Photos

According to Bubbers, most customers opt for a snakebite in their midi, the center point of the outer ear. “Once the piercings are fully healed, you can really personalize your look with the styling,"...

I Wish Kylie Jenner Could See How Cool She Looks in This Bowl Cut...

When you follow celebrity hairstyles as closely as we do at Allure, you begin to notice personal patterns. Every now and then, a star will do something a little different with their hair, and...

Garnier Fructis’s New Bonding Pre-Shampoo Treatment Has Quickly Become an Editor-Loved Washday Staple |...

Garnier set out with two main goals when formulating this treatment: Keep the price right and true to the brand's ethos; and "target fiber durability, and repair and strengthen broken bonds inside the hair...

Julia Roberts Just Got the Same Bangs She Had in 2006

Where were you in 2006? I was in my first year of college, living it up in a big city where I had access to Sephora and Dior mascara anytime I wanted it. Julia...

On Learning to Think of My Body As a Whole, Not Parts

I used to tell myself I’d be happy if I “just did” the following: lost weight, got more lip filler, got eyelash extensions, got my body hair lasered off, had whiter teeth, smoother skin,...

11 Best Blow-Dryer Brushes for Effortless Hair Styling 2023

Blow-drying your hair can sometimes feel like a vigorous arm workout as you try to effectively maneuver both the brush and blow-dryer. Finding the best blow-dryer brush for your hair might just be the...