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Cardi B’s Color-Streaked Curls Remind Me of My Little Pony in the Best Way — See Photos

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On July 10, Cardi B celebrated her first child’s fifth birthday while wearing a pink bodycon dress and waist-length cherry cola hair that we were obsessing over. Cardi B and her husband Offset threw Kulture Kiari Cephus a big Super Mario-themed bash on July 16, and of course, the Bronx-raised rapper popped out with a new exciting style: voluminous unicorn hair. 

If you missed this look from Cardi B, it’s likely because she posted it exclusively on Twitter, rather than Instagram, where the majority of her looks live. On July 18, she posted a picture of her and Kulture embracing with the caption, “A love so deep.” Cardi was dressed in a sparkly baby-blue gown paired with big blonde curls cascading towards her hips, and her daughter wore a baby-pink tulle dress. Kulture’s hair was slicked-back into a high bouncy ponytail with curls, and her baby hairs were also swooped across her hairline. 

In the midst of Cardi B’s platinum hair, you can see faint streaks of purple and blue. It looks like the colors may have been added to just the front of Cardi B’s hair rather than throughout the unit. 

Blue seems to be the theme of the look because Cardi B matched both her makeup and nails to the dress. Her eye makeup looked as frosty as her gown, and the wispy lashes and cat eye only made the pale blue makeup better. Her square-shaped nails were also a cute baby-blue hue. 

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