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Cardi B Looks Like a Modern-Day Rapunzel With Her XXL Fishtail Braid — See Photos

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I don’t know about you, but when I picture Rapunzel, I imagine her throwing her hair through the window and down the side of her tower in the form of a braid. Loose hair or a ponytail would be too slippery — a braid is nature’s ladder! So I know we throw around the name “Rapunzel” a lot whenever a celebrity is wearing their hair in an especially long style, but when I saw that Cardi B is currently sporting an super-duper-long fishtail braid, I knew she earned the fairytale reference.

Cardi posted a couple of adorable clips to her Instagram Stories on Friday, September 1, kicking off the long Labor Day weekend early with some family time. In the first of two selfie videos, Cardi is lip-syncing along to the 1970s song “Porque Te Vas” while her daughter, Kulture, bops along and has a snack. In the second video, she’s moved on to lipsyncing “Be My Summer” by Snoh Aalegra. And in both videos, she’s sporting an amazing fishtail braid.

Her hair is parted down the middle (Kulture’s too) and styled smoothly and somewhat loosely at the top, letting a couple of tendrils frame her face. Although we can’t see where the braid starts, it’s safe to assume it’s relatively low. She’s wearing it over her shoulder, giving us a clear view of the romantic look. 

It’s not braided all the way down, though, as we can see in the second video. Cardi is playing with the braid, revealing that it’s tied off relatively high up for such a long style.

Instagram/Cardi B

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