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Cardi B Just Wore What Might Be the Bluntest Bangs I’ve Ever Seen — See Photos

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On October 11, Cardi B celebrated her birthday in true Libra style by looking absolutely gorgeous with a sky-high curly hairstyle. She was already stunting with new hairstyles just days later, including long, red mermaid waves and silky, straight black hair that touched her red-bottom shoes. Now the rapper is debuting jet-black blunt bangs that feel like a love letter to the Bronx and New York City.

On October 24, Cardi posted six photos of herself and her sister, Hennessy. Perhaps it’s the New Yorker in me but everything about their look is giving me 2000s New York, from the Timberland boots, to the big gaudy belt holding up their Robin jeans, to the Pelle Pelle and puffer jackets they wore. 

The very first picture features the sisters in their Pelle Pelle jackets with their backs towards us in a laundromat. Cardi’s long, silky black hair cascades toward the front, so you can’t get an entirely clear view of her thick, blunt fringe. Hennessy’s curly hair, on the other hand, fell all the way down to her thighs. 

For a better look at Cardi’s bangs, you have to scroll to the third photo, where you’ll notice the sisters switched to puffer jackets. They are facing the camera while posing in front of graffiti. The rapper’s bangs were so long, they nearly covered her eyes; the ends just skimmed her razor-sharp cat eye. The rest of her hair was just as glossy and blunt as her bangs, and you can see that the tips fell all the way to her stomach. 

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