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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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The Law of Attraction is working strongly in your favor this Tuesday, August 1, so make sure you’re clear about what—and WHO—you want to magnetize. Chalk this compelling energy up to the year’s only full moon in Aquarius which is sending frissons through your seductively charming eighth house. No matter your relationship status, you’ll be amazed at what kind of people you attract under this lunar glow. Someone who likes a challenge will be all over you, and you’re not above admitting you enjoy the attention (AND playing a little cat and mouse). Don’t get so carried away that you forget to let yourself get caught—at least temporarily. You’ll be in the driver’s seat and can decide whether to stick it out or cut bait. This full moon can pave the way for a deeply intimate connection that stands the test of time.

Since the eighth house rules wealth, this full moon could bring a big payoff from an investment, sale of property or commission. Over the coming two weeks, you’ll be inspired to give an area of your life an extreme makeover. Want to see real change? Take an all-or-nothing approach. But note: You’ll need to cut out some vices to see the results you crave. 

Watch for a provocateur posing as a mild-mannered friend on Sunday. With the willful Sun in your security zone clashing with expansive Jupiter in your collaborative eleventh house, getting everyone on the same page will be like herding cats. Since you probably can’t bring this group to consensus, focus on simply not letting things spiral out of control. Anticipate the likely clash of titanic egos and make sure everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated. But try to sniff out the bad actor who’s keen to advance a personal agenda.

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Take people’s know-it-all actions with a grain of Himalayan pink salt and keep leading, orchestrating or working quietly on your own projects. Since pulling rank won’t help, make it your mission to let people express their opinions—and then lean into your innate people skills. You might need to call an emergency brainstorming meeting, but before anyone grabs the talking stick, inform people of the ground rules—like no personal attacks.

With the Sun heating up your financial zone, money might be one of the issues, even if no one’s coming out and saying it. Dig a little deeper and pay more attention to people’s physical reactions than their words. For all you know, this might be a friend or colleague’s Achilles heel, and the last thing you want to do is stick a knife in it. 

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