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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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Security is on your mind this month—not an unfamiliar topic for the comfort-loving Crab. With the Sun in Leo and your productive, practical second house until August 23, your finances want some attention. Maybe you’ll be looking at new revenue streams, or talking to recruiters about an upgraded position. 

The plot twist this year, though, is that attractor Venus is retrograde in Leo the entire month of August (and until September 3). But instead of adding a magnetic touch to your money sector, Venus’ backspin can bottleneck progress at moments. The second house rules self-worth, so you might need to shore up some extra confidence to advocate for yourself. The silver lining: You’ll remember just how worthy and qualified you really are!

While August IS a retrograde-heavy month, it’s also an opportunity to reflect and reconnect, two things Cancerians are especially good at. Retrogrades rule the past, so a former colleague could be a helpful resources or an old daily practice (breathwork, morning meditation) might become a healing balm that centers your soul.

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You really have no choice BUT to slow down and reach into those archives, Cancer. At the top of August, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde, making it better to pause and finish what you’ve started rather than race ahead. By the end of the month, they’ll be joined by Mercury and Uranus, bringing the retrograde brigade’s total count to six.

It will be a bit of an obstacle course during Virgo season, which begins on August 23 right in tandem with Mercury turning retrograde in Virgo that day until September 15. Back up your data and devices well ahead of this time, since Mercury retrograde has a special penchant for messing with technology. Virgo rules your social and communicative third house. Reconnect with old friends but watch how much you share, as your words can be misconstrued. 

When Uranus turns retrograde in your teamwork house for five months starting August 28, your interactions can get even more static on the line. But it’s an open invitation to reconnect with an old group, whether that’s an intramural sports team, a favorite fitness class or working on a cause you care about.

One big silver lining? Your ruler, the moon, will make a rare double set of appearances this month! On August 1 and August 30, the skies will feature full supermoons, the first in Aquarius and the second in Pisces. Expect illumination from start to finish. And keep your journal—a Cancer’s BFF—within easy reach!

It’s Leo season until August 23 

Rev up your revenue and get productive, Crab. With the Sun in Leo and your industrious second house until August 23, it’s time to start turning those Cancer season epiphanies into tangible wins—and hopefully profitable ones. Bring on the plans, budgets and schedules! Put a solid action plan behind your ideas and start chipping away at each step. 

That said, you don’t want to do this at the expense of your well-being. This year’s Leo season comes with a plot twist: Venus, the planet of harmony, attraction and romance, is in low-power retrograde from July 22 to September 3. Be extra mindful of your spending and avoid purchases that you’re not totally confident about. Who cares if it’s an 80 percent off sale if you don’t love the item? Make sure everything you buy has a generous return policy.

While it’s great to be industrious, the goal is to stay balanced, which could take some extra reinforcement this month. Adopt one or two satisfying routines that will sustain you for the long term, whether that’s a ten-minute morning meditation or daily walks after meals. Avoid anything faddish or extreme, like cutting out entire food groups. Moderation is what wins the long game. 

With the sensible-but-sensual second house energy at play, you’ll find deep grounding by bringing order back to the Cancer court. Lost your rhythm with exercise, sleep or mealtimes? This year’s Leo season will nudge you to reboot practices that help you feel centered and peaceful. Retrogrades especially favor a return to the past, so resume those healthy and affirming habits that kept you feeling serene and centered.

The Aquarius full supermoon is on August 1

Lights, camera, intrigue! When the Aquarius full moon sets its glow on your eighth house of intimacy, mergers and shared finances on August 1, intense emotions could surface. Secrets could be revealed when you least expect them—and maybe you’ll be the one doing the spilling! This full moon is also a supermoon and the first of a rare duo of full moons bookending the month.

With this lunar lift in your wealth sector, you could be the beneficiary of a financial windfall or be invited into a joint venture. Is there an investment that’s reached maturity or a property sale on your horizon? Today could be part one of an event cycle that will unfold over the course of the next two weeks. Look back to January 21, the Aquarius new moon that set the stage for what happens now.

The eighth house also rules intimate relationships, and although romantic Venus is retrograde all month, it could still bring a sexy spike to your love life. Enjoy some sizzling intrigue today, but be mindful of the minefield that this off-kilter Venus can cause. Proceed with caution if a tantalizing ex resurfaces. What you imagine could be a no-strings summer fling could end up getting complicated.

The August 16 Leo new moon brings a fresh start to work and money

A new financial opportunity might arrive near August 16 as the year’s only Leo new moon kicks off a six-month cycle in your second house of income and security. Ready to circulate your online portfolio to prospective clients or put feelers out for a job offer? You’ll get extra cosmic support from this lunar lift.

This is a great day to review and reset your budget for the rest of the year, especially if things have changed a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for revenue-generating ideas and a chance to turn one into a tangible success. 

Bring more stability into your life through a new practice like morning yoga, a commitment to eat more healthfully or doing daily journaling to help you manifest your goals. Take small steps each day to create more consistency in your life. Prioritizing and doing less can bring you a whole lot more, from financial stability to a sense of inner peace.

That said, you may need to implement a few changes first. This new moon will form an exact 90-degree square with disruptor Uranus in your eleventh house of groups and collaborations. A few mercurial people on Team Crab could be roadblocking your growth. Shift them to a less prominent role if they’re destabilizing your security or sucking up time and money. 

On the flip side, if you’ve hit a productivity or paycheck plateau, consider some new perspectives and approaches. For example, if you’ve got a business but you’ve resisted developing its social media presence, sign up for a workshop about TikTok, Instagram or email marketing. Learning the technical tools of the trade can be surprisingly effective. 

The nclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ew moon is also a mere degree away from Lilith, the “dark moon” point. You may need to air some deep-seated anger and frustration at this new moon to clear the space for what’s next. Are you feeling bitter about your financial circumstances or resentful of a colleague? Get it out of your system and try to shift your mindset to a more proactive one. Remember, Crab, what’s meant for you won’t pass you by!

Virgo season begins on August 23 and life lightens up

Get out and mingle when the Sun moves into Virgo and your third house of communication, community and curiosity from August 23 to September 23. This media-savvy month urges you to connect with kindred spirits. Pump up your digital presence. Dive into new books, hobbies and podcasts. Put together a course to teach your passion to others. Been working hard on a genius project? Bring it to market or start spreading the news.

But…Mercury turns retrograde from August 23 to September 15

Caveat: Just make sure your messaging is clear and on-point before you share it. class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” From August 23 to September 15, expressive Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) will be retrograde in Virgo, scrambling signals with technology, transportation and interpersonal affairs. Triple-check anything before you press “post” or “send.” If you need to have a difficult conversation, make sure you’re prepared to listen as much as you talk—if not more. Ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions.

With both the Sun and Mercury (retrograde) in your kindred-spirits zone, synergies can spark up quickly. But don’t rush to sign someone on as a partner too quickly! Explore small (and low-risk) joint undertakings where you can test your chemistry rather than incorporating an LLC together. Hold off on inking contracts until Mercury retrograde ends if possible, and read the fine print. 

Since the third house and Mercury both rule anything with wheels (and all electronics), think twice before getting a new car, bike, scooter, laptop, phone or gadget. Research now, then make an informed purchase after September 15.

Sun-Saturn opposition on August 27

There’s no time like the present, Cancer, so why are you obsessing about the future? The once-a-year face-off of the confident Sun and cautious Saturn could find you second-guessing your power or feeling pessimistic about your finances. 

Here’s the thing: If you spend too much time fretting about those overwhelming long-term goals, you’ll forget to enjoy the smaller victories along the way. While you’re wise to make a budget and evaluate your long-term fiscal strategy, make it your mission to celebrate the joy right where you are. Have you been struggling to achieve a goal? Be kind to yourself and embrace the process! We’re all works in progress, and you’ve already come such a long way. Treat yourself to something small (but decadent) as a motivating reward.

Uranus turns retrograde in your group activity house on August 28

At the end of the month, radical changemaker Uranus starts a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house. Between now and January 27, 2024, there might be a few interruptions or curveballs to a team or technology project. A crew that you connected with could now feel out of sync, or maybe a friendship is in need of a serious, authentic air-clearing. 

If you’ve been feeling adrift or unmoored, this Uranian reversal is a wise time to retreat a little and get back to base camp. Reconnect with old friends who celebrate your individuality AND feel comfortable enough for you to be yourself around. With tech-savvy Uranus retrograde in this reflective retrograde, it’s a great time to audit your social media and online presence. Update all your profiles and try Googling yourself. If you don’t like what comes up in the search results, use this backspin to get some fresh content onto the interwebs with your name, flattering photos and recent accomplishments. 

The Pisces full supermoon on Auclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” gust 30 brings inspiration 

Double your lunar pleasure! This August 30 features a rare bonus full moon, aka a blue moon. This one lands in Pisces and your big-picture ninth house, helping you step back and look at everything through a wide-angle lens.

If you’ve been trying to find the words to speak your truth, the Pisces full supermoon will help. As it beams into your outspoken ninth house, you’ll find the courage to say what’s been on your mind. Try not to over prepare—there’s no perfect way of saying this, Cancer. Just own it! 

The ninth house rules travel, study and entrepreneurship, and this lunar lift could bring long-awaited news in any of these areas. Keep your weekender bag and passport at the ready! 

By now you’ve heard that love planet Venus is taking a retrograde vacation, bowing out of her usual duties playing summertime Cupid and leaving us all to fend for ourselves. From July 22 to September 3, Venus is reversing through Leo and your stabilizing second house, which could bring up issues related to your self-confidence, money and overall sense of security. 

Tension could arise around finances or you might bring stress home from work if you’re not careful. When Venus clashes with disruptive Uranus on August 9, you could be tempted to snoop on a love interest online, or your insecurities could cause you to spin out. 

Try to take things one day at a time, Cancer, because Venus retrograde (believe it or not) has some hidden opportunities. You’ll start to find these gifts in the second half of the month, after an important event. From August 13 to 18, Venus is making its “inferior conjunction” with the Sun, meaning it will disappear from our view. This is THE window of opportunity to finally put old patterns to bed. And if you do, you’ll emerge renewed. The August 22 Venus-Jupiter square could free you from fixating on the future and remind you that all we really have guaranteed is this very moment—so might as well enjoy it!

Meanwhile, energizing Mars is blazing through Virgo and your expressive third house until August 27. Socially, there won’t be one dull moment! Single Crabs might find themselves in some spicy online chats—though with Venus retrograde meddling, a couple of those fun contenders could turn into ghosts mid-conversation. Mars in this cerebral zone could spin you into overthinking and even obsessing. Keep the subject matter AND your expectations light this month.

Mars in this zone can make you argumentative or contrarian and prone to externalizing your thoughts before thinking them through. You don’t have to express everything you’re feeling, you know. Coupled Crabs can ward off unnecessary bickering by venting frustration to friends or a therapist rather than taking it out on each other. While it’s important to share your honest thoughts, it’s also okay to process the “raw data” of your feelings first!

The month opens with an August 1 full moon in Aquarius and your eighth house of wealth, investments and shared finances. This could bring an exciting windfall or a joint venture. But keep a firm grip on your funds, Crab. Magnetic Venus, the planet of attraction (and that goes for money too), is retrograde until September 3 in Leo and your financial sector. 

You may find it a little bit harder to stick to your budget, draw in clients and get on the same page as co-workers. Consider reaching out to an old client or revisiting a moneymaking project you abandoned since retrograde cycles favor connecting with the past!

Meantime, energizer Mars is in Virgo and your communication house until August 27, so all month long, your conversations will get a huge booster shot of motivation and excitement. You might be inspired to team up with a like-minded person, testing your synergy on a project. If you’re pitching or selling anything, unstoppable Mars will give you the gift of gab—and a heaping helping of charisma. 

During this media-savvy cycle, you’re encouraged to spread the word about your talents! Writers, teachers and coaches should ramp up your social media efforts. You could have a brilliant idea for a new workshop or create inspirational content that helps you connect with your market 

When the August 30 Pisces full moon illuminates your ninth house of study and entrepreneurship, your visionary concepts might benefit from additional training or joining an inspired mastermind. Back to school season: game on!

Love Days: 22, 26

Money Days: 5, 16

Luck Days: 12, 30

Off Days: 10, 24, 1

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