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Cancer Horoscope November 2023: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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Hello, darling Cancer. Whether you’re seeing family, spending time with friends, or laying low, November asks you to find a way to honor the start of holiday season (we say that as if fan-favorite Halloween didn’t count) while honoring your truth. “Honoring your truth” is sort of a catchphrase these days, but it really just means holding your boundaries, even when your folks may push up against them. 

Your October horoscope saw the start of spooky Scorpio season and ended with a chaotic full moon and eclipse that may have led to fighting among your friend group. Now, we’re not intentionally trying to encourage drama. Okay, maybe a little bit. But while the sun is still in transformative Scorpio, it’s important to remember that sometimes, you’re fighting with a friend for a reason more significant than an eclipse, which, let’s be real, you’ve walked away from fine before. On Saturday, November 4, Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac, ends its retrograde and stations direct, asking you to accept the changes that happened during the planet’s five-month-long backward waltz. Some of this is accepting that as you grow older (and up), your social circle will shift — and that’s okay. The million-dollar question for you to contemplate is whether you should try to make amends with anyone you are just drifting apart from or let them go.

It’s not an easy task or decision. You like being comfy, Cancer and your family, chosen, blood, or both are everything to you. But thankfully, the cosmos are here to help. On Wednesday, November 8, Venus, the relationship planet, enters its home sign of Libra and your 4th House of Home and Family. The truth is, the situation is going to work itself out one way or the other. All you have to do is be honest with yourself. Of course, the hardest part of stepping away from any relationship is having the conversation. It’s so much easier to ghost. And honestly, sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with letting someone simply fade away. But, after over-analyzing the situation, you know what to do (a realization might hit you like a lightning bolt) once Mercury, the messenger of the gods, enters bold Sagittarius and your 6th House of Health on Thursday, November 9.

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