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By Dria Celebrates One Year With Saks at Gurney’s in Montauk

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Summer is reaching its end, so why not wrap up everyone’s favorite season with a celebration to remember? Just ask Dria Murphy, who celebrated the first anniversary of her beauty and wellness platform, by dria, with a sunset cocktail hour and intimate dinner co-hosted by Saks at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa last night.

by dria one year anniversary

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Murphy, also the founder of the brand-building company Alise Collective, launched by dria as a way to share expert insights on the best wellness products on the market. To celebrate 365 days in business, the entrepreneur fittingly brought together a group of fashion and beauty experts, stylists, and influencers, including Rebecca Minkoff, Micaela Erlanger, Jenny Cipoletti, Sophie Elgort, Emily Tisch Sussman, and many more.

Clad in their best end-of-summer ensembles, guests enjoyed oceanside cocktails featuring tequila and Vita Coco coconut water before sitting down inside the Scarpetta Beach restaurant for a four-course meal—a conscious decision on Murphy’s part, she shared, because “you’re hydrating while you’re drinking.” Turns out, that precise type of balance is the basis for by dria, which was reflected throughout the evening thanks to BodyHealth digestive enzymes and a robust skin care routine from Motif, Furtuna Skin, House of Gro, as well as wellness products like LivOn Labs Liposomal Vitamin C along with others curated by Murphy.

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Founder Dria Murphy

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“Montauk is such a happy place for me. I started my first business out here eight years ago before launching by dria last summer,” she said ahead of the main course. “So, it is extra special to have my one-year anniversary of by dria with Saks.”

The evening finished off with one of the most ideal ways to wrap up a night by the beach: cozy conversations shared around a warm fire pit.

Click through the gallery below for an exclusive look inside the event:

by dria one year with saks

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