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Bella Thorne Used Blood as a Beauty Product for Her Latest Red Carpet Appearance — See Photos

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Is Halloween coming early this year? Because it looks like some celebrities might be leaning into the spooky festivities already. At the 69th Taormina Film Festival, Bella Thorne went from looking like a glamorous red carpet attendee to a modern-day Carrie White with blood seeping from her mouth. 

Thorne, dressed in a flowy black-and-white gown, attended the festival on June 29  to promote her upcoming film Paint Her Red, which makes her little bloody performance piece make sense — there is a ton of blood involved in the movie, too. If you’re squeamish at the sight of blood, whether fake or not, you might want to skip the photos for this one. 

She started off with blood leaking from her mouth onto her chest before she proceeded to rub it on her hands and face. I was so busy being shocked and entertained by the blood that it took me a second to notice her stiletto manicure was two different colors. 

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The sharpened talons on one hand were coated in a bright red polish while the other hand’s nails were painted with a nude hue. Though seemingly basic because of the neutral shade, these nails were not that simple thanks to the bedazzled 3D charms adhered to her middle and ring fingers. Each ruby red decal was a floral shape. 

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