Friday, June 14, 2024

At Last, a Kim Kardashian Look That’s Actually Achievable — See Photos

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You probably read that headline thinking, “Yeah right, I don’t have thousands of dollars or a celebrity glam squad at my disposal.” But we aren’t lying when we say Kim Kardashian’s latest hairstyle can be replicated at home. It’s much simpler than you think — in fact, you’ve likely already achieved it by accident. 

The reality TV star posted a selfie with her friend Allison Statter on October 26. As per usual, her dark hair was parted down the middle and cascaded around her shoulders and chest. It might be because her head is tilted slightly back, but the volume right at her part is simply chef’s kiss. It has the right amount of height to add body to her hair. 

Kardashian is known for supernaturally sleek and polished hairstyles, but this one is a little messier. Despite how straight her hair was, you can see an ample amount of frizz in it — and there is nothing wrong with that.

Her face, on the other hand, looked unbelievably flawless, as usual. She opted for a neutral glam with a cut crease and flushed cheeks. Her lashes were fanned out to the point that we could have sworn every individual lash hair was brushed into place and coated with mascara. Her pursed lips were covered in a nude matte lipstick. 

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