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At 55, Pamela Anderson Says She’s Not Concerned With Aging

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As she reflects on her career in Hollywood ahead of her Netflix documentary debut, 55-year-old Pamela Anderson shared with The Howard Stern Show that she’s not worried about getting older and the age-related changes that may bring. “I always thought when I was little that I’d recognize myself when I was old,” she told Stern. “You know? Like in the mirror. I love old people and having elderly people around me. I love that.”

The star went on to say she never considered herself that beautiful in the first place: “I never felt like a great beauty. So, I felt like I don’t have as much to lose as others do. I just say, I’ll be fine, which I think shows in the documentary. I mean, this is me, I’m almost 56 years old. I’m not going to worry about it. We all want to look the best we can look, but I’ve never really been a big worrier about that.”

Anderson is promoting both her documentary and a new autobiography, Love, Pamela, which she says she wrote without a ghost writer. She added that for the first time in her life she gained 25 pounds while writing the book, which she lost at the end of the writing process. “I’ve always been about 115 pounds or less and all of a sudden I was like, over 130 pounds.” 

“My body was changing,” she told Stern and Robin Quivers. “I thought, oh, maybe I’m just getting old and this is it. I was walking around in kaftans, I looked ridiculous and my mom was said you never want to show your figure anymore. I just felt like, ‘What figure?’”

The Baywatch star went on to say the pounds melted off after her book was complete, but she enjoyed the process of being completely natural and free. “I peeled back everything. No makeup, nothing like that. I thought you know what, if you like me like this, you’d like me at my worst.” 

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