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An Inside Look at the Year’s Most Elite Skin-Care Summit

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In a gathering that brought together the finest minds in the skin-care industry, Revision Skincare hosted its second annual Elite Retreat in the stunning Thompson Hotel, Dallas. This exclusive event, held in July, attracted renowned dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, along with key leaders from innovative brands. The transformative experience was created to advance the aesthetic industry in today’s competitive environment.

A highlight of the Elite Retreat was the keynote address by power couple Bill and Guiliana Rancic, who shed light on the vital role of teamwork in driving business success. Their message resonated deeply with the participants, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and camaraderie in achieving remarkable results.

The Future of Aging

The event featured an informative lineup of expert presentations and discussions on various aesthetic topics, leaving attendees with valuable insights and knowledge. Omaha, NE dermatologist and founder of Joel Schlessinger, MD: “The Revision Elite Retreat is a special opportunity to network with the management of Revision Skincare and leaders in the field. I particularly enjoyed the presentations by RVL Pharma and the ability to learn about newness in the Revision brand that should drop this fall. Revision has always been a great brand, but this is what makes it even better than the competition!”

Chicago dermatologist Ober Ibrahim, MD, presented research insights from Harvard Medical School on reversing aging in the eyes, brain, and skin through epigenetics. According to Dr. Ibrahim, the latest research is revolutionizing our approach to anti-aging. He also explored how skin care can harness these discoveries to deliver even more effective results.

Additionally, Birmingham, AL dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD presented on the clinical studies and peer-reviewed publications that Revision’s scientific advisory board has been a part of. “The work of the board helps to inform the creation of new products,” he shared.

Highlighting Real Time Data

NewBeauty’s chief brand and content officer, Steffanie Attenberg, presented the latest State of Aesthetics data from engaged and aesthetically conscious beauty consumers. The report, now in its third year, provides a comprehensive guide on how patients navigate beauty treatments and buying decisions. Of the key findings, what stood out the most is that skin care remains a top priority, with only 6 percent of respondents willing to cut back on products to reduce overall spending. When asked about their spending habits, 89 percent said they typically purchase skin care after a treatment, and 44.1 percent indicated they’ve bought products from their doctor’s office in the last year. Most importantly, consumers shared they prioritize reviews, board certification, and referrals when choosing a provider.

Promoting Diversity and Empowering Patients

Chicago dermatologist Caroline Robertson, MD also took the stage to address the crucial topic of diversity and representation in the field of aesthetics. With a passionate and informed perspective, Dr. Robertson shared the strides that have been made in recent years to create a more inclusive industry. She highlighted the transformative impact of initiatives such as the Forces of Beauty report by Allergan Aesthetics, and the DREAM (Driving Racial Equity in Aesthetic Medicine) initiative. This initiative, collaboratively created by Allergan Aesthetics and skinbetter science, partners with Shutterstock to promote racial equity in aesthetics. The effort seeks to better address the unique perspectives of women of color who buy aesthetic products.

Mission, KA dermatologist Meena Singh, MD also presented eye-opening insights into the world of alopecia and its impact on black women. Traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by certain hairstyles and practices, disproportionately affects black women due to the use of chemicals, heat, and tight hairstyles like dreadlocks, braids, extensions and weaves, said Dr. Singh. She emphasized the need for awareness and specialized care for this specific concern. “Many patients will tell me that they did not notice the hair loss until months or years later. So it is very important to pick up on signs of inflammation so that you can hold onto the hair that you have.” Among the hair loss solutions that work best to treat this concern, Dr. Singh shared her approach includes topical and oral medications, PRP injections, low-level light therapy and hair transplant surgery when appropriate.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media 

Fort Lauderdale, FL dermatologist Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, MD and Portland, OR dermatologist Anil Rajani, MD went head-to-head on the importance of using social media to grow your practice. Dr. Aguilera advocated for a work-life balance, emphasizing designated times for content creation and audience engagement. He stated, “Finding a balance between work and personal life is crucial for staying creatively engaged and maintaining a strong connection with your audience.”

On the other hand, Dr. Rajani shared his perspective, emphasizing the need to be constantly creating and the use of daily inspiration to expand reach. He emphasized the need to constantly create fresh, exciting content that showcases your expertise to resonate with a larger audience.

The 2023 Revision Elite Retreat proved to be a resounding success, fostering collaboration and innovation among top industry experts. Through stimulating discussions on aging concerns, hair loss, diversity, and more, participants gained valuable knowledge to drive their practices forward and make a positive impact on the ever-evolving world of aesthetics.

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