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An Inside Look at Leah Van Dale’s Pregnancy-Safe Retinol Routine

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E! Total Divas and WWE superstar Leah Van Dale (Carmella) is known for her fierce attitude and even fiercer physique, and it’s safe to say that this social media star can now also add “pregnancy-beauty influencer” to the resume. This summer, the fitness queen has done a spot-on job chronicling pregnancy-safe picks for her 3-plus million Instagram followers as she preps for her first child—and her knowledge of ingredients is impressive. We recently caught up with Van Dale, who gave us a very detailed look inside her routine. 

Retinol, Revised

“I can’t use retinol anymore, which is devastating,” the 35-year-old laughs. “So, I’ve been using an azelaic acid, and bakuchiol, which I’m obsessed with. I really, really feel like that ingredient—it has saved my skin during pregnancy. I use that twice a day in the morning and at night. Then, of course, a vitamin C serum and sunscreen. But the azelaic acid and the bakuchiol are my two holy grails right now.”

Belly Band

“Hatch Beauty has a belly oil that I’m obsessed with. I’ve been using that religiously, probably too much. I almost feel like I have a separate skin-care routine for my belly to prevent stretch marks. I’ve also been using Summer Fridays, which has a pregnancy jelly sort of thing, and I’ve been using TriLASTIN as well. I’ve kind of been layering them all.”

Relaxation Station

“I’ve been doing all the self-care. This pregnancy, I feel like I’ve really been taking my time relaxing, listening to my body, and just doing what feels right for me. I’m getting facials, I’m getting massage, and I’m sort of just indulging. It’s made me feel so good, and I think it’s important. I think it’s important that we prioritize that, because if there’s one time in our lives that you should really give yourself some self-care, it’s during pregnancy. I mean, I believe we should do it all the time! But if you’re not giving yourself some self-care during your pregnancy, then you’re really missing out.”

Active Goals

“I haven’t really changed much of my workout routine. If anything, I’m working out more because I have more time to be in the gym. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, Pilates. I’ve really been really obsessed with rumble-boxing. In all the classes that I’m taking, the instructors have been so accommodating and really helpful with letting me go at my own pace and do my own thing. If something doesn’t feel right, they’ll give me an alternative exercise to try. I also do a lot of walking. I live in the city of Pittsburgh, so I’m constantly going on walks with my dog. I’m staying as active as I possibly can, because I’m hearing that that really helps with labor and delivery, and then postpartum as well.”

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