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Allison Kuch on Super Bowl Prep, Resurfacing Facials and Her In-Flight Beauty Routine

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It’s less than two weeks out from the Super Bowl, but Allison Kuch—viral TikTok star and wife of Las Vegas Raiders’ Isaac Rochell—is already in prep mode for the big game. Besides sharing how she found a “natural partnership” with Bounty paper towels this season (“I’m someone who can’t have football without wings…and I also can’t have wings without Bounty”) the 27-year-old recently chatted with us about all things beauty, sunscreen and her very solid six-week facial schedule.

Hit List:

“I’m into any skin care that gives me glowy, supple skin. Products like Aquaphor, Glow Recipe’s Niacinamide Dew Drops ($34) and Supergoop! Glowscreen ($38) are my go-tos.”

Cheat Sheet:

“I still can’t successfully do a winged eyeliner. I can never seem to get the wings to match no matter how many times I try. I often have to wipe them off with a wet sheet of Bounty and start over!”

Flight Route:

“Before boarding, I always go through my full skin-care routine to prepare. After that, I apply Aquaphor all over my face along with my Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops to help keep my skin from drying out. I also drink a ton of water as well, so hydration is key!”

Treatment Plan:

“I get regular facials every six weeks, and have been loving the Club Skin Gym resurfacing facials in particular. They have made me fall in love with my skin all over again.”

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