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All About Michael Cera’s Wife Nadine

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Michael Cera is a celebrity who fiercely guards his private life. The Barbie star has been acting in movies and TV since he was 10 years old, and only a few things are known about who he has dated in all that time. Now, Cera has settled down with his wife, Nadine, who he is rumored to have known for almost a decade.

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But it’s mostly a rumor, because Cera does not share much info about her or their young son. Here’s everything we do know about Cera’s wife, Nadine, so far.

How did Michael Cera and his wife Nadine meet?

Cera did share some details about Nadine during a September 2022 interview on Justin Long’s podcast Life is Short. He met her while he was on a press tour for Arrested Development and was sent to Paris with a buddy.

“We went down the street one night to this little bar in Paris and she was there with all her flatmates, and we were smiling at each other in this very unabashed way,” he said. “There was no shyness, we just kept seeing each other and smiling. It was so comfortable. It was a really unfamiliar way to experience a stranger, and I felt like I saw the whole thing.”

Nadine spoke English fluently and eventually the smiles progressed to speaking. They went on a coffee date the next day.

“I went to Cannes a couple days later and while I was at Cannes I was like I think I should extend my trip and hang out with this woman … so I was like ‘I’ll do it! How romantic!’” he said.

Then he discovered that Nadine was actually dating one of her roommates though it was “not official.”

Cera bid her au revoir, but she broke it off with her roommate a few months later and reached out to him. In terms of timing, Cera was likely promoting the 2013 revival of Arrested Development. In 2014, he released a song referencing someone named Nadine, which is probably about his now-wife.

The song, titled “ohNadine (you were in my dream)” goes:

“Oh, Nadine / I can’t help have a funny feeling you’d be good to me / You were in my dream/ Oh, Nadine / You once had a lovely dream / And woke with pain of loss / You looked at the sky / Lost in the darkness ’round the moon/ Oh, Nadine, I’ll be there soon / Oh, Nadine, I’ll be there.”

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When did Michael Cera and Nadine get married?

In March 2018, the couple were seen wearing matching wedding bands, and shortly after Us Weekly confirmed they were married. Cera had been seen in a band as early as January 2017. They were just rarely spotted out together.

Do Michael Cera and Nadine have any kids?

In 2022, comedian Amy Schumer unceremoniously announced that the couple had welcomed a child in the fall of 2021. In a joint interview with Cera for Entertainment Tonight, she said, “Michael has a baby, too. Is that public knowledge? I just outed him, I just outed his baby.”

A couple days later, Cera confirmed Schumer’s outing to Extra, saying, “He’s just a little 6-month-old baby.”

In February 2023, he told The Hollywood Reporter a little more, sharing how fatherhood has made life very different.

“I think the only thing that it affects is that you just want to spend as much time with them as possible,” Cera said. “So when I was 20, I would have been way happier to go off to some weird city and live in a hotel for three months. And when you have kids, you want to be with your family. And you miss them a lot.”

He said something similar while talking to Long on his podcast, mentioning how being in London for three months to shoot the Barbie movie was difficult.

“I think about him all day and look at pictures of him when I’m away from him,” Cera said.

What does Nadine do?

Again, there’s not much info. When they met, she was reportedly studying theater, but has since moved on to production.

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