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Alix Earle Hints to Having an ‘Accutane Nose Job’

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In a recent TikTok video, social media’s it girl Alix Earle put to rest any speculations about an alleged nose job, revealing that her nose transformation is purely a result of her changing face as she’s getting older. The 22-year-old jokingly said, “I genuinely think that I got a nose job in my sleep,” while showing off pictures of her younger self. 

Constant Speculation

Comparing her past and present features, she pointed out the differences in her nose and emphasized the natural growth that occurs over time. She stated, “granted I didn’t know how to use nose contour at the time. But it’s crazy how much your nose grows into your face.”

“I’ve literally had boyfriends before and I’ve shown them young photos of me like going through puberty, and they’re like, ‘I literally don’t believe you.’“ She said even her parents were constantly questioned about her nose. “They ask my parents like, ‘Did she have a nose job?,” she added.

The influencer, who has been open about her cosmetic procedures in the past like Botox and a breast augmentation, also took time to reply to fans in the comments. She mentioned how lip filler helped change her look, too. “Lip filler changed my face so much too,” she wrote.

What is an ‘Accutane Nose Job’?

Some followers speculated that her nose transformation could be related to the acne medication Accutane. She acknowledged the possibility when someone stated, “My nose shrunk because of Accutane!” Earle answered, “People always say this.”

An “Accutane Nose Job” works by slowing sebum production thereby and decreasing the sebaceous gland size. This can cause some tightening of the skin around the nose, giving the appearance of shrinking, but it is not in any way a “nose-job.”

The rising star has been transparent about her cosmetic experiences in the past, sharing her lip injections, Botox, breast surgery and her journey with the acne treatment. We suspect if she did have facial surgery, she’d tell us. As she’s said in the past, “If you’re paying to get something done, wouldn’t you want people to notice? If I paid all that money for surgery, and no one noticed anything different about me, I’d be pissed.” 

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