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9 Stunning Winter Hair Colors to Try in 2023 — See Photos

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“Jet-black hair looks vivid and rich as opposed to a natural off-black color that can look dull,” says Los Angeles and New York City-based hairstylist Dhairius Thomas. To make sure it stays fresh after leaving the salon, London-based hairstylist Tom Smith suggests using a color-boosting treatment once a week to “refresh the dark hair color and tone, while also adding shine.” We love the dpHue gloss in black which doubles as a deep conditioning treatment.

Dark Velvet Red

We didn’t think red hair could get any hotter…but this winter dark red velvet hair is showing us otherwise. Like most hair colors, there is a seasonal shift for ginger strands: “The natural progression goes from soft coppers into stronger coppers [for the fall]; then into punchier reds [for winter] — and we are already seeing this clear direction,” says Smith.

If you aren’t a natural redhead and are thinking ahead to the grow-out phase, worry not. Thomas says that this color will look even more eye-catching with time, especially if you have dark brown roots as it’ll create an edgy black to red ombré look.

Strawberry Blonde

Not quite blonde… and not quite red… this gorgeous color is the best of both. At the salon, ask your stylist for “thin highlights all over and a soft strawberry blonde tone on top of it,” says Kumagi. To be sure this color catches the light, ask your stylist for a gloss in a shade of coppery gold. Kumagi explains that this hair color is a good option to help over-processed blonde hair recover from all-over bleach.

Nepo Blonde

This sunkissed blonde from California is a hair color Smith likes to call Nepo Blonde. “It’s bright, clean, and finely woven,” says Smith. He suggests skipping intense toners and purple shampoo to maintain the variety of honey shades. Need a reference image? Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Richie both wear it well.

Latte Bronde

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Latte makeup has evolved into latte bronde hair. In the same way adding cream enhances your coffee, the same can be said for adding a splash of soft blonde highlights to a warm espresso base. This hair color works well for all skin tones but, after styling this color on clients like Justine Skye and Victoria Monet, Thomas thinks it looks especially great on deeper skin tones. Ask your stylist you for a sun-kissed blonde balayage with ultra-thin pieces. To show off the different tones, Kumagi recommends loose waves.

Brown Butter

Warm chocolate silk was on the menu for fall, but it’s been updated with brown butter brown for winter. The new shade adds lighter caramel babylights for an overall toastiness perfect for the season. “This beurre brunette shade softens any potential harshness when wearing darker bases,” says Smith.

Cherry Cola

You can have red and purple and brown hair all at once — without it looking like a rainbow. This highly dimensional style “gives the hair a rich and velvety tone that looks particularly great on those with olive skin tones,” says Kumagi. To achieve this cherry cola hue — versus a vivid fire engine-red — Kumagi recommends using a toner with a reddish hue or sticking to a single process in a deep red-brown color.

Platinum Blonde

Give your signature blonde an cool refresh this winter. Since this icy blonde shade is as bright as blonde hair gets, hairstylists recommend avoiding purple shampoo and instead washing with a color-safe shampoo to keep hair clean and fresh.

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