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8 Mermaid Hairstyles To Channel Your Inner Ariel This Summer

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Under the sea, all eyes are on Ariel in the new live rendition of The Little Mermaid. Out in the sun… comes summer’s dreamiest hair trend. Mermaid hair has made its way to shore and on screens just about everywhere. No, seriously — the hashtag #mermaidhair has 1.1 billion views on TikTok. 

The aquatic look goes well beyond expected beach waves (though they are as relevant as ever) — boho braids, wet waves, and Ariel–red hair all fall into the mermaidcore category. Each style is free-spirited and perfectly undone, how we imagine a sea princess might style their hair. 

Kieron Justin, a U.K.-based hairstylist agrees: “Mermaid texture is playful and cool.” He places an emphasis on it being carefree. “The good thing about this look is the more irregular the better and there are multiple ways to achieve it,” says Justin. 

With that in mind, TikTok’s favorite boho braids are perfect for your next beachside outing, as are curly tribal braids, the “number one vacation hairstyle” according to New York and Los Angeles-based braider Shanna St.Cry. Both looks combine classic braid styles with the wet wavy curls that characterize mermaid hair.  

For those seaside exposed to heat and humidity (a perfect combination for frizzy hair), you’ll want to keep a hair mousse and hydrating mist in your arsenal. St.Cry says the LottaBody Mousse makes curls look glossy and defined all day long. To define waves even more, add a few spritzes of Redken Beach Waves spray.

Here, the best mermaid hairstyles that will make you part of Ariel’s world this summer.   

Curly Tribal Braids 

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