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8 Innovative Body Products For Bikini-Ready Skin

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Your “bikini-ready body” is the one you feel most confident in. If you love what you’re working with, we encourage you to hit the sand ASAP and share your glorious form with beachgoers. However, if there are a few things you’d like to tweak, we have some recommendations. For us, things like ingrown hairs, cellulite, rough skin and dark spots can make us want to cover up, so we’ve set out to find products that help address these concerns. We’ve stocked up on these products to ensure we feel like our best, most glowing selves all summer.

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EWC Ingrown Hair Mist ($30)

We’re longtime fans of European Wax Centers’ Ingrown Hair Serum. This summer, the brand launched a mist that makes it even easier to cover large areas and hit those hard-to-reach spots. It treats current ingrown bumps and breakouts by helping trapped hair get out and also helps prevent future bumps from forming.

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True Botanicals Body Love Butt Scrub ($42)

We keep jars of this in our cabinets so we never run out because it’s just that good. This multi-tasking scrub exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes skin to promote a soft, smooth, blemish-free bum. Not to mention, it also smells delightful.


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Musely The Private Cream

Dark spots near our bikini line can make us feel vulnerable. It’s tough enough to have a post-acne scar on the face, but there’s something about dark spots from old ingrown hairs or acne on the bum that make us want to throw on a sarong. Musely offers a prescription dark spot–correcting cream (which you can get online) specifically formulated for intimate areas. It features all the best brightening ingredients like hydroquinone, tranexamic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.


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Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream ($48)

We’ll admit we love using this cream, in part, because of its iconic pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla scent, but it also delivers great results. It helps smooth and tighten the appearance of skin using caffeine-rich Guaraná Extract while also hydrating skin and protecting it from environmental damage. Although it’s called a Bum Bum Cream, it can be used anywhere that needs a lift or some extra glow, including legs, tummy and arms.

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Dolce Glow Des Nuda Self-Tanning Lotion ($50)

We know real suntans are no longer on the menu due to the early aging and potential cancer they can cause. However, if you want to get a safe, natural-looking tan, we recommend an at-home self-tanning product. This one, beloved by Miley Cyrus, promotes an effortless Mediterranean glow.


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Anese Down with the Thickness Collagen Booty Mask ($35)

Yes, butt masking is a thing, and Anese is heading up the trend with this pink clay mask. The mix of kaolin clay, B vitamins and collagen help detox and plump the booty for a smoother, more supple bottom.


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Billie The Razor Starter Kit ($10)

If you don’t wax or laser and need a way to remove hair from spots that haven’t seen the sun since last summer, we recommend grabbing a Billie Razor. There are so many fun summer color options, replacement heads get shipped right to your door, it’s wildly affordable, and most important of all, it delivers a solid shave.


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