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8 Celebrities Who Can’t Get Enough of EMSCULPT NEO

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Noninvasive face and body procedures have been consistently gaining traction for some time now, and EMSCULPT NEO by BTL Aesthetics is one of the hottest commodities in the realm of nonsurgical body-toning technologies. The first noninvasive device to help eliminate fat cells and build muscle in just a single 30-minute treatment session, EMSCULPT NEO has transformed the way we view fat-eliminating treatments.

EMSCULPT NEO combines radiofrequency and HIFEM procedures to reduce fat and increase muscle growth through intense muscle contractions. The science is fool-proof and the results are no joke. Clinical studies have shown an average of 30 percent reduction in subcutaneous fat and 25 percent increase in muscle thickness with upon treatment. Not only do the numbers show how effective the treatment is, the array of celebrity approvals further emphasize how reliable this treatment is. Ahead, a list of celebs who can’t get enough of this noninvasive procedure.

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Drew Barrymore

Founder of Flower Beauty and long-time talk-show host Drew Barrymore has sang the praises of EMSCULPT NEO for years. Back in 2019, Barrymore posted a video to Instagram explaining how the treatment has changed her life. “I work a lot, my kids come first, and I was 10th on the list, but I want to look good in my clothes,” Barrymore began. “I want that elusive: 80/20. I’m 44, and I’m asking, ‘What are the next few chapters of my life, and how are they going to function?’ I needed something to change my physical abilities so that I could actually start living my life.” In a press event for EMSCULPT NEO, Barrymore also revealed how the treatment set a foundation for her body transformation: “In order to actually be strong and healthy and exercise, you have to have a strong core, and that was just not in my grasp for the last seven or eight years.”

IG: drewbarrymore

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Megan Fox

Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox has also publicly endorsed EMSCULPT NEO and shared her positive experience with the treatment. In a video posted to the brand’s Instagram after one of Fox’s treatments, the actress explains that  “I am loving these Emsculpt treatments for real, they are making a huge difference, and I haven’t even waited long enough to see the full results. Super psyched about this. It’s a really good machine.”

IG: meganfox

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Kim Kardashian

Getting the Kim Kardashian–approval is no small feat, and EMSCULPT NEO is one of the few treatments Kardashian has publicly shared her admiration for. In episode three of season 17 of The Kardashians, Kardashian explained that the treatment “feels like you’re doing stomach crunches, but you’re not,” as she turned to the procedure to help shed her baby weight after giving birth.

IG: kimkardashian

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Lisa Rinna

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has proclaimed her love for both EMSCULPT NEO and EMFACE, but her praises for the body-toning device are not to be overlooked. The 60-year-old explained in an episode of RHOBH back in 2021 that she loves the treatment—she’s had it done at least four times to date—and that it feels like her body is “morphing into a 21-year-old’s.”

IG: lisarinna

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Rob Gronkowski

The power of EMSCULPT NEO know no boundaries, including gender. Former New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski has also shared his EMSCULPT NEO experience and credits it for keeping is 6’6, 260 pound, muscle-clad physique in tip-top shape.

IG: gronk

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Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace

More commonly known by her WWE name, Nikki Bella, the former professional wrestler and reality TV star shared pictures showing off her abs after undergoing the procedure just over two years ago. “With healthy eating, increase of workout activity and Emsculpt Neo this Mama is almost back to her pre baby body,” she wrote in the caption.

IG: nikkigarcia

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Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is famous for letting fans in on every part of her self-care routine, from her diet to her favorite beauty products and, of course, her workout rituals. During the pandemic, Culpo revealed that she turned to EMSCULPT NEO to help target muscles she wasn’t able to with pilates alone. “I wasn’t seeing the same results,” she began, “Emsculpt Neo gets at areas I’ve never been able to target in my normal ab routines,” she added. “I’m always trying to achieve long and lean, Pilates-style, but that’s me.” Culpo says she saw results after just one session, but recommends consistent use for the best effects.

IG: oliviaculpo

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Cary Deuber

Another Real Housewife to endorse the treatment, Real Housewives of Dallas star Cary Deuber posted before and after photos of her abdomen pre and post EMSCULPT NEO treatment back in 2018, and she can’t recommend it to followers enough. “Talk about a WOW factor,” she wrote in the caption. “After only 4 sessions over the course of a month, my abs are tighter and more flat, PLUS, I got a nice booty lift!”

IG: carydeuber

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