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7 Things to Know Before Starting Latisse

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If you have sparse lashes or want to pause the lash extension refills, you may have considered giving your natural lashes a boost with Latisse. The easy-to-use drops have been a tried and true solution for help grow fuller, thicker lashes in just a few months. Here’s what to know about getting started with the prescription lash-lengthener. 

1. It was an accidental discovery.

Beverly Hills, CA oculoplastic surgeon Raymond Douglas, MD says bimatoprost, or Latisse, is in a class of medications called prostaglandin analogs. “It was originally used to treat eye hypertension and open angle glaucoma, but it was found to also help grow lashes.”

2. It works by extending the active stage of hair growth.

Dr. Douglas says the drops enhance or encourage hair growth by extending the anagen phase. “Keeping lashes in a longer growth cycle enables them to stay in place and continue to grow longer and appear thicker and darker before shedding or resting,” he explains.

3. Double dosing won’t help. 

If you accidentally skip a daily dose, keep calm and carry on. “Just continue with your regular application of the next day. It’s not necessary to double the dose the next day,” says  Dorado, Puerto Rico dermatologist Julia Schwartz, MD, dermatology advisor for Ro. “Because it is formulated to be used once per day with just a drop, increasing the dosage or times per day you use it will not speed up the growth.” 

4. It takes a 16-week commitment to see results.

Patience is a virtue as it can take up to three or four months before you see results with Latisse. “Many of my patients don’t see any results for the first two to three months and then one day, wake up and realize they have significantly longer and fuller appearing lashes overnight,” says Dr. Schwartz. 

5. Darkening of lids and orbital fat loss are two noted side effects.

According to Dr. Douglas, possible side effects include a degree of lid ptosis, enhanced color to the eyelid, more prominent visibility to lid vessels and structures, darkening of the pigment to the iris, periorbital fat atrophy and general loss of subcutaneous tissue. 

6. It fits nicely into a nighttime routine.

You can apply it in the morning or at night, however Dr. Schwartz recommends including it as part of a nighttime skin-care routine after cleansing your face and brushing your teeth. “Give it several minutes to dry after application before laying face down on a pillow to avoid inadvertently wiping off the medication,” she says.

7. Some people us it on their brows, too.

While not FDA-approved for the brows, some users report that Latisse can also stimulating brow growth as well. “I will often recommend to my patients who want a boost in their eyebrows to first apply the medication to the lashes and then to swipe their eyebrows with whatever is left on the brush,” adds Dr. Schwartz. “Be careful to avoid applying the medication anywhere else because it could lead to unwanted hair growth in other areas.”

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