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40 ‘Gossip Girl’ Guest Stars You Totally Forgot About

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Hilary Duff

new york   october 06  actors penn badgley and hilary duff is seen on location for gossip girl on the streets of manhattan on october 6, 2009 in new york city  photo by jeffrey ufbergwireimage

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Hilary! Duff! The queen herself played fictional celeb Olivia Burke, who had a romantic fling with Dan. She even took part in one of the show’s most iconic scenes: a steamy threesome between her, Dan, and Vanessa.


Armie Hammer

los angeles, ca   november 16  armie hammer arrives at the go campaigns 13th annual go gala at neuehouse hollywood on november 16, 2019 in los angeles, california  photo by gregg deguirefilmmagic

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Remember Serena’s brief love interest named Gabriel Edwards? The one who tried to get her to invest in his “philanthropy” project but was actually just trying to steal her money? Yeah, that was played by a young Armie Hammer. (Swoon.)


Lady Gaga

santa monica, california   september 16 lady gaga attends lady gaga celebrates the launch of haus laboratories at barker hangar on september 16, 2019 in santa monica, california photo by presley anngetty images for haus laboratories

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In season three, Gaga performed her song “Bad Romance” as part of a performance art piece in the episode. (Hi! Where was my invite?)

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Tika Sumpter

atlanta, georgia   february 29 actress tika sumpter attends scad 8th annual atvfest day 3 press junket at four season hotel atlanta on february 29, 2020 in atlanta, georgia photo by marcus ingramgetty images

Getty Images

Chuck once had a quick romance with Tika Sumpter, a.k.a. Raina Thorpe, the daughter of Russell Thorpe, who wanted to buy Bass Industries.


Elizabeth Hurley

new york, ny   march 05 blake lively and elizabeth hurley are  seen on the set of gossip girl at streets of manhattan on march 5, 2012 in new york city photo by alo ceballosfilmmagic

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Remember how Nate had a thing for powerful women? Liz was one of them, playing Diana Payne, the gossip-loving editor-in-chief of the New York Spectator.


Tyra Banks

new york   august 06  television personality and model tyra banks walks to the gossip girl movie set at the ziegfeld theater on august 06, 2009 in new york city  photo by ray tamarragetty images

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Ahhh, we all remember the episode where Tyra (a.k.a. Ursula in the episode) had her best scene cut from the movie she was starring in in the show, and Serena had to help her keep it together during the premiere.

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Karlie Kloss

new york, ny   november 19  model karlie kloss attends the gossip girl 100 episode celebration at cipriani wall street on november 19, 2011 in new york city  photo by neilson barnardgetty images

Neilson Barnard

Yep! Karlie Kloss made a brief appearance as herself on the show, attending a fashion party and looking for Eleanor Waldorf.


Vera Wang

london, england   february 01 vera wang attends the ee british academy film awards 2020 nominees party at kensington palace on february 01, 2020 in london, england photo by karwai tangwireimage

Getty Images

Even though Blair’s first wedding was kind of a flop, she still got her gown fitted by Vera freakin’ Wang.


Cyndi Lauper

los angeles, ca   january 26 cyndi lauper attends the 62nd annual grammy awards at staples center on january 26, 2020 in los angeles, ca photo by david crottypatrick mcmullan via getty images

Getty Images

She popped into the Waldorf house during a party, and Blair and Dorota totally geeked out. (I’d do the same.)

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Krysten Ritter

westwood, california   october 07 krysten ritter attends the premiere of netflixs el camino a breaking bad movie at regency village theatre on october 07, 2019 in westwood, california photo by axellebauer griffingetty images

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In case you forgot, Krysten played a younger version of Lily’s sister, Carol, in one of the show’s throwback episodes.


Sofia Black D’Elia

new york, ny   october 05 chace crawford and sofia black delia are seen on the set of gossip girl on october 05, 2012 in new york city  photo by ignatbauer griffingc images

Getty Images

Sofia played the young Sage Spence, upcoming It girl and the final girlfriend of Nate in season six.


Brittany Snow

santa monica, california   march 10  brittany snow visit’s the imdb show on march 10, 2020 in santa monica, california this episode of the imdb show airs on march 16, 2020 photo by rich polkgetty images for imdb

Getty Images

Brittany played young Lily herself as part of the flashback cast, too.

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Clemence Posey

paris, france   january 23 clemence poesy attends sidaction gala dinner 2020 at pavillon cambon on january 23, 2020 in paris, france photo by dominique charriaugetty images

Getty Images

A Harry Potter celeb in Gossip Girl? Here for it. Clemence played Chuck’s Parisian girlfriend, Eva Coupeau, in season four.


Rachel Zoe

beverly hills, california   february 27 rachel zoe attends the womens cancer research funds an unforgettable evening 2020 at beverly wilshire, a four seasons hotel on february 27, 2020 in beverly hills, california photo by axellebauer griffinfilmmagic

Getty Images

Rachel Zoe attends Blair’s 20th birthday party as herself but ends up falling on the floor and getting chocolate fondue spilled all over her head (woof).


Kristen Bell

santa monica, ca   january 12 kristen bell during the arrivals for the 25th annual critics choice awards at barker hangar on january 12, 2020 in santa monica, ca photo by david crottypatrick mcmullan via getty images

Getty Images

~Hi, Upper East Siders.~ Kristen Bell is *THE* voice of Gossip Girl. That said, she doesn’t make a physical appearance on the show until the very last episode.

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Ivanka Trump

ivanka trump attends an evening honoring valentino lincoln center corporate fund black tie gala at alice tully hall in new york city �� lan photo by lars nikicorbis via getty images

Getty Images

Ivanka made an appearance at a party on the show in 2010, and she appeared to be pretty close friends with Lily.


Jared Kushner

new york city, ny   august 11 jared kushner attends new york premiere of oscilloscope laboratories, a film unfinished at the museum of modern art on august 11, 2010 in new york city photo by jimi celestepatrick mcmullan via getty images

Getty Images

Aaand alongside Ivanka was her husband, Jared, who owned the New York Observer at the time, which the party was for on the show. Probs why the couple made their little cameo.


Rachel Bilson

los angeles, california   october 21  rachel bilson attends the 2019 instyle awards at the getty center on october 21, 2019 in los angeles, california photo by jon kopaloffgetty images

Getty Images

Rachel made her debut in the final episode when she auditioned for the role of fictional Blair in the forthcoming movie based on Dan’s best-selling book. Lol.

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Tim Gunn

los angeles, california   october 21  rachel bilson attends the 2019 instyle awards at the getty center on october 21, 2019 in los angeles, california photo by jon kopaloffgetty images

Getty Images

Ahhh, the days of Jenny Humphrey. Remember when she was an aspiring designer and had to showcase her work to Tim Gunn? Oh, the pressure!


Michelle Trachtenberg

west hollywood, california   february 09 michelle trachtenberg attends the 28th annual elton john aids foundation academy awards viewing party sponsored by imdb and neuro drinks on february 09, 2020 in west hollywood, california photo by rodin eckenrothwireimage

Getty Images

Idk why but this woman was my late-2000s icon. Michelle played Georgina Sparks as a recurring character on the show who always seemed to cause drama.

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