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30 Takes on Almond Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure

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When you snack on almonds, their shape might be the last thing on your mind. But if you take a close look at one of the nuts, you’ll notice they’re rounded on one end and come to a soft point at the other—a shape that countless nail artists channel when filing their clients’ nails. Many people favor almond nails because they find them to be one of the most flattering nail shapes. “With the almond shape, the nails are slender and taper to a rounded peak, which makes your fingers look super elegant and elongated,” says celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec

What is the difference between oval and almond nails?

The shape is not to be confused with oval nails or coffin nails, which are similar. “The oval shape features gently curved sides and a rounded tip, like the shape of an egg,” explains Charlotte Knight, nail tech and founder and CEO of Ciate London. “Unlike an almond shape, the oval shape tends to have a broader and a duller rounded tip.” As for coffin nails, the shape is tapered like almond nails but has a more squared-off tip, Knight adds.

If you ask for an almond shape at a nail salon, your nail tech will likely know exactly what you’re referring to. To give yourself almond nails at home, “you ideally need a nail with a decent length to give yourself the surface area to shape,” says Knight. “You should start by filing the sides of the nails into a tapered point with a gentle curve towards the tip.”

While achieving the almond shape on short nails is tricky, it’s not impossible. “The trick is to gently taper the nails towards the tip—even if they’re on the shorter side,” says Kandalec. “However, keep in mind that the almond effect might not be as striking as it is on longer nails.”

Whether you’ve booked a salon appointment or want to give yourself a DIY manicure, it’s helpful to bookmark some reference photos you’d like to draw from. With that, here are 30 examples of almond nail designs to peruse.

Almond Nail Inspiration

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French tips

To maximize the elongating effect of the nail shape, opt for French tip almond nails. It’s a timeless pick that’ll never clash with your outfit.

IG: @v.nailedit_

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Iridescent red

For a manicure that shines whenever your nails catch the light, choose a shade with a metallic finish, like this red with green and purple shimmer.

IG: melly.k.nails

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Glazed donut

Celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt coined the term “glazed donut nails,” describing her take on a chrome manicure, and the nail world has never been the same. In this example, she used a white chrome powder on a nude nail polish.

IG: nailsbyzola

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The classic sunglasses pattern looks just as beautiful as nail art. The pattern also works well as an accent nail if you’re not fully sold.

IG: naileeeen

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Milky white

To try the “milky nail” trend, ask for a sheer white polish. It’s an understated option that pairs perfectly with the almond nail shape.

IG: nails_by_annabel_m

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Mismatched polka dots

This nail art, inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s art, shows what’s possible with major attention to detail.

IG: mj_nailbizz

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Solid black

Consider black, almond-shaped nails a no-brainer when you want a manicure that’s simple and a tad edgy.

IG: nailsxmina

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Silver accents

If you need a reminder that nail designs can be art in the truest sense of the word, behold these mismatched nails with 3-D silver details.

IG: nailsbyskyelinh

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Solid red

A solid, punchy red is never out of style. The color is especially striking on a long almond-shaped nail.

IG: ellielouisenails

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Pink chrome

The hot pink/chrome finish/almond nail shape combo is tough to beat.

IG: kuypernailart

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Swirly tips

A swirled French manicure gives you the opportunity to incorporate a few shades, whether you want to draw from a sports team’s colors, an event’s color scheme, or an outfit.

IG: vangalnails

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Natural-looking nails

Light pink polygel can create the impression that nail tips are your natural nails, even if your real nails lack the strength required to grow them out.

IG: _by_shelley

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Red with hearts

For nail art that’s on the more subtle side, go for a monochromatic design, à la these red jelly nails with tiny red hearts.

IG: disseynails

14 / 30


Flower nail art can be a fun way to ring in the spring season. Short, almond nails served as the canvas for this eye-catching design.

IG: peachinails

15 / 30

Negative space glitter tips

Negative space nail art, like these French tips, lets sections of a natural-tone nail base peak through. This design also incorporated a diamond-like reflective silver polish.

IG: klawsbysonia

16 / 30


Sometimes picking out a nail color is a surprisingly difficult choice. Enter: a rainbow design featuring splashes of blue, green and purple.

IG: aimz.nails

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Blue swirls

Swirl nail art designs work well with the soft point of the almond nail shape. Calming blue shades are icing on the cake.

IG: thenaillologist

18 / 30

Cheetah print French tips

If you’re not quite ready to hop on the cheetah print trend through your clothing, you can give a quieter nod to the trend with your nails.

IG: kimchinailz

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Black and red aura

Inspired by the blotches of color that are characteristic of aura photography, aura nail art features multiple colors that blend together seamlessly. Some nail techs achieve the look by thinning out a polish with clear polish, while others rely on powder or an airbrush tool.

IG: paytonmanis

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3-D flower accent

A 3-D accent nail can spice up what would otherwise be a plain peach-toned manicure.

IG: deglowstudio

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Cat-eye finish

Cat-eye nail art uses magnets to create dimensional designs. Using a different color on each hand makes a cat-eye manicure all the more impactful.

IG: kold_nails

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Negative-space accent

Black nail polish and negative-space designs are a high-contrast pairing that’s a bit bold.

IG: nailbarmke

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Purple ombre glitter

This manicure combined a purple ombré effect with a glitter finish to delightful effect, but you could swap in any color of your choice.

IG: reshbavny

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This stunning, realistic flower design would no doubt be difficult to part with at the end of two weeks.

Yoshiko Yamaguchi for Vanity Projects

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Red and pink marbling

With marbled nail art, there’s no pressure to make sure each nail matches perfectly. This strawberry-inspired design combined pink and white shades to achieve the marbled effect.

IG: katiesnails_

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Ombre glitter

Whether you want something special for a formal event or just appreciate shiny things, ombre glitter almond-shaped nails won’t disappoint.

IG: nailsbykarenm_

27 / 30

Pink chrome with swirls

This manicure combined delicate swirls and a chrome finish with mid-length almond nails.

IG: bysadiedaisy

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Silver accents

If you don’t want to commit to a solid silver chrome nail, you can dabble in chrome accents, like the flower design shown here.

IG: nailsby.tiff

29 / 30


Light pink nails with clouds, hearts, and pastel stars—what’s not to love?

IG: aimz.nails

30 / 30

Red with pearls

If “hopeless romantic” was a manicure, it’d probably look something like this.

IG: alexiaxnails

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