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25 Simple Nail Designs for Your Manicure Mood Board

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Simple Glazed Donut Nail Design

If you don’t have much artistic skill, but you still want to try a new design apart from your regular nail shade, Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nail trend is an excellent option. You’ll only need Bieber’s favorite OPI shade, “Funny Bunny,” paired with a shimmery top coat and a chrome powder of your choice. And voila, just like that, you’ll achieve the perfect glazed donut nails within minutes.

Simple Blue Nail Design

If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, you can always count on vibrant shades of blue to brighten up your day. Plus a little extra glitter, of course. To recreate this look, carefully apply a layer of shimmering nail polish right beneath your blue tips.

Simple Multi-Colored French Tips

These aren’t your ordinary French tips. As opposed to just lining the tips of your nails with white polish, try a combination of three colors. There are a variety of shades to choose from, but we especially love this mix of white, gray, and black, as it creates an intriguing gradient-like pattern.

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Simple Floral Nail Design

You don’t have to be as talented as Claude Monet to paint florals. Tiny brush strokes in opposing corners of your nails will create an illusion that you’re a true artist. Add multi-colored tips for a nice touch.

Simple Abstract Nail Design for Almond Shaped Nails

The best thing about abstract nail art is that there’s truly no way to mess up. Even if you accidentally create an unintentional squiggle, it’s still a work of art. Let your mind wander free using black polish to create abstract designs against a contrasting white backdrop. If you want a little extra help, opt for these nail art markers to further facilitate the process.

Simple Circular Nail Design

Last year, Kerry Washington rocked this look at the Met Gala and nail gurus became obsessed. Over a year later, this circular nail design is still effortlessly cool. For the base coat you’ll need a few layers of transparent polish to create a nude-like canvas.

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Simple Gold Chrome Nail Design

Feeling opulent? Dip your tips in gold chrome nail polish for an elegant look. With the holiday season right around the corner, we think this shimmering shade will be perfect for your upcoming festivities.

Simple Neon Nail Design

Shine bright with neon shades of yellow, pink, and green. For the easiest look, place your brush at the tip of your nail and slowly trace a squiggly line downward. To really make the neon colors pop, you’ll want to do this on top of a nude base coat.

Simple Fall Nail Design

Nothing says fall nails more than warm hues and earthy tones. We love this combination of rusty brown, olive green, moody blue. Start with applying a base coat of green, and then go in with your brown and blue swirls.

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Simple Printed Nail Design

Feeling artsy? Experiment with an eye-catching print like this tortoise shell design. Remember, the easy thing about this print is that the black marks are asymmetrical, so there’s no need to be a perfectionist here.

Simple Ombré Nail Design

This lavender ombré look is gorgeous, but what if you don’t have an airbrush tool? No need to fret. Instead, use a small makeup sponge to blend your two colors of choice together and finish off with a top coat to smooth everything out.

Simple Black and White Nail Design for Square Nails

If colorful hues aren’t really your thing, it’s okay to stick with the basics. We think you’ll enjoy this black and white nail design. Make sure to use a thin liner brush, as these twisty lines are particularly tiny.

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Simple Polka Dot Nail Design

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s famous works of art, this design blends different polka dot patterns using shades of red, yellow, black, and white. Any art connoisseur will recognize this reference immediately.

Simple Holiday Nail Design

Get into the holiday spirit with a cute candy cane print. This design is super playful and nostalgic. One glance at this manicure, and we’re already daydreaming about making gingerbread houses and building a snowman.

Simple Nail Design for Beginners

Perhaps the most simple design of all is this no-frills look. If you consider yourself artistically challenged, opt for a manicure that requires little to no time. One dot per nail, and you’re done.

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Simple Nail Design for Short Nails

Having short nails means that you have limited space to get creative. Luckily, this contrasting design is perfect for any nail length, short or long. All you’ll need to do is trace the tip of your nail and the area right above your cuticle.

Simple Nail Design for Minimalists

As someone who rarely experiments with nail designs, my go-to is a classic french manicure. Call me basic, but I like to think of this look as a chic design for a refined minimalist. If you’re feeling fancy, add a pearl embellishment, as seen here.

Simple Cherry Nail Design for Acrylic Nails

For the cherry-obsessed, you won’t be able to resist this adorable fruit mani. Not to mention, hues of cherry red are currently all the rage. So, why not play into this trend?

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Simple Pastel Nail Design

There’s something about pastel shades that are so calming and charming. Have fun here and try out a different color per nail. You can rock this look anytime, but we think these hues are perfect for spring and summer.

Simple Black Nail Design

You simply can’t go wrong with black. It’s the universal shade that goes well with practically anything. Try pairing a black mani with shimmery silver designs for a little something extra.

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