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21 Best Sex Toys for Women 2023 to Hit All of Your Pleasure Points

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No one knows your body like you do, but even you might want to experiment with what you like. We’ve rounded up some of the best sex toys for women, from cult-favorite wand vibrators (Magic Wand, IYKYK) to glass dildos that look like a work of art. We’ve scoured the internet’s best sex toy shops for clit-sucking vibrators, rabbit vibrators, anal toys, whisper-quiet vibrators, and the all-around best adult sex toys. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your masturbation routine, incorporate toys into partnered sex, or generally upgrade your sex life, there’s something here for you.

Wondering what to look for when shopping for sex toys? We tapped the experts. “For folks with vulvas and vaginas, we need to remember that three out of four women need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation for optimal sexual pleasure,” shares Rosara Torrisi, PhD, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy in Syosset, New York.

If you’re buying your first sex toy or you just need a recap, here are a few different sex toy products to know:


“Vibrators are a typical favorite and they come in both external, clitoris-focused design as well as internal, phallic options,” shares Jenn Kennedy, PhD, board-certified sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Barbara, California. (She is also the founder of Riviera Therapy and The Pleasure Project.)

These types of vibrators typically stimulate the internal erogenous zone — you’ve probably heard referred to as the G-spot, though that term isn’t totally accurate. Whatever you call it, there’s a whole class of vibrators designed for G-spot stimulation.

These are typically bigger vibrators used to stimulate the clit or other external zones. They’re often described as having rumbly vibrations.

These are all about dual stimulation. They usually have a longer shaft that goes inside, plus a smaller, flexible shaft – often with two soft nubs, or ears – that stimulate the clit. “Some folks appreciate internal and external stimulation,” Dr. Torrisi tells us. I most appreciate when internal and external stimulation have separate controls.”

“Toys that focus on the external clitoris that I love are air pulse toys from companies like Womanizer and Satisfyer,” says Dr. Torrisi. These use gentle pressure to surround and stimulate the clit, a sensation similar to oral sex.

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