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21 Best Hair Dryers of 2023 — Top Blow Dryers from Dyson, Conair, and Drybar

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With all of the impressive, high-tech picks on the market, why settle for anything less than the best hair dryers? We all deserve sleek, smooth styling sans frizz, flyaways, excessive heat damage, and painstakingly long drying times — in the comfort of our own homes, no less.

Whether you blow-dry daily or once a week, it all starts with having the right tools to execute it. Before you purchase a brand new hair dryer, Los Angeles-based hairstylist and Virtue’s creative director Adir Abergel recommends selecting a device that works with your hair type. “When blow-drying curly hair, use an ionic dryer,” he previously told Allure. “If you have finer hair that needs more volume, use a traditional blow-dryer, not ionic.” If you’re unsure, or if you’re sharing with a roommate or partner, here’s some good news: There are options that feature both nonionic and ionic technology so you can swiftly toggle between them.

Abergel also noted that using a concentrator nozzle is the real key to achieving salon-level results for its ability to precisely hit hard-to-reach areas. “It concentrates the air and aids in directing the airflow exactly where you want it to go,” he previously explained. This concentrated airflow also helps the cuticle of the hair lay flat so that it will be shinier and less frizzy, according to Los Angeles-based hairstylist Kiki Heitkotter.

Another frizz-preventing tip: Don’t start styling hair while it’s still soaking wet. “I typically rough-dry the hair with my hands first before I start blow-drying with a round brush — when the hair is at least 80 percent dry,” Heitkotter tells Allure. Hairstylists typically recommend using a boar bristle brush for the smoothest results.

If you happen to have color-treated hair, Madison Rae Garrett, a colorist at Spoke & Weal salon in New York City, previously told Allure that heat protectant products are a must. “Direct heat to hair with no heat protectants will cause the color to fade and turn brassy,” she says.

Now, it’s time to put these tips into action. Below, we’ve rounded up the best blow-dryers for all hair types — as recommended by professional hairstylists and Allure editors — that’ll help you achieve frizz-free, salon-worthy blowouts with impressively fast drying times.

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