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2024 Skin Care Trends Set to Change the Game

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We’ve seen a few skin-care trends in our time, and 2024 is shaping up to be a major moment for skin science and ground-breaking technology. As we leave behind catchy concepts like skin streaming and slugging, experts predict a year grounded in innovative ingredients and bespoke routines, powered by the technology of the future. These are the major 2024 skin-care trends you can expect to see everywhere, from the taste-makers of the industry.

The Artificial Intelligence Wave

According to Sweet Chemistry founder and CEO, Alec Batis, A.I. is set to be a major player this year. You’ve probably already seen an A.I.-driven beauty platform promising to deliver formulas perfectly suited to your skin, but Batis argues that on an industry-wide level, it can stifle creativity.

“With the progress of Artificial Intelligence, product development in particular will become a sea of sameness,” Batis explains. “So much so that most companies and brands will only be able to compete on a marketing level, which does not make for a lasting and profitable business.”

Consumers are more educated than ever, and as we start to know what to look for (like hyaluronic acid or retinol), the only way to stand out is to innovate.

“It will be companies with truly unique, proprietary, and evidence-based technologies and formulas, who will offer the skin-care customer products that surpass the industry in terms of efficacy,” Batis says.

De-Stressing Skin Care

Among 2024 skin care trends, we’ve already started to see a renewed emphasis on skin care that makes us feel good.

We already know there is a connection between stress and the state of our skin, and MARA founder and CEO, Allison McNamara believes that this year, brands will be exploring that connection more than ever before.

“For 2024, I predict we will see more brands focus on solving the issue between increased cortisol levels (stress), anxiety and how the two play into major skin-care concerns,” McNamara says. “Stress likes to manifest on the skin via symptoms including inflammation, breakouts and redness and can even flare up or worsen conditions like eczema and psoriasis, the latter which I have.”

Along side the increase of stress-relief wellness supplements, McNamara predicts skin care will rise to meet the moment with an increased focus on barrier support and relief.

“Be on the lookout for products focusing on skin-supporting minerals like zinc and magnesium along with skin-calming ingredients and more gentle ways of delivering important actives,” she says.

New Year, New Ingredients

While many skin-care ingredients have become common fixtures in nearly any formula, brands are pushing the boundaries to innovate and create new, proprietary superstars. According to Angela Caglia Skincare founder and CEO, Angela Caglia, the science that powers 2024 skin-care trends may even come from inside our own bodies.

“2024 will be about human-derived stem cell technology like our breakthrough, first-to-market best-seller Cell Forte Serum powered by our proprietary BIOMSC with thousands of real growth factors, exosomes, and peptides,” Cagila explains.

This kind of technology pushes past our previous idea of skin care trends, according to Caglia, and may even retire our previous super stars.

“It encompasses all the trends, skin minimalism, multi-tasking products, biotech advanced science, and protecting the lipid barrier,” Caglia says. “In our formula, we combine the best of human-derived regenerative science with the best of man-made bioidenticals. Retinols and vitamin C will no longer be the gold standard.”

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