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20 Best Workout Leggings for All Your Workout Needs

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Every year, you tell yourself, “new year, new me,” but this year, you’re serious. The vision boards are ready, the sneakers are laced, and now you just need the perfect workout clothes to slay any gym look.

Your perfect workout leggings will feel custom-made for you and support all your body goals. There are numerous styles to meet your every gym need, like moisture-wicking fabric for those intense sweat days and double-lining to prevent anything from peeking through. You may want to show off those glutes, but I don’t think you mean like that. Those fleece-lined leggings will be your best friend when you hit the streets during those chilly winter months. You can never own too many pairs when it comes to your comfort and style.

  • Cool & Dry

    Mesh-Paneled Leggings Nike

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  • Micro-Performance

    Airlift Legging Alo

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  • No Slip Grip

    Stirrup Logo Leggings Calvin Klein

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  • Ultra-Soft Finish

    Perform 24/7 Leggings Everlane

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  • Ballerina Style

    Ankle-Tie Leggings Sweaty Rocks

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We live in our athleisure, so our workout leggings have to work for the gym and errands without completely issuing an outfit change. Below, find the perfect fit for your lifestyle in our top picks here.

Cool & Dry


Mesh-Paneled Leggings



Airlift Legging

No Slip Grip

Calvin Klein

Stirrup Logo Leggings

Ultra-Soft Finish


Perform 24/7 Leggings

Sizes Available XXS – 3XL

Ballerina Style

Sweaty Rocks

Ankle-Tie Leggings

Snatched Waistline


Align V-Waist Leggings

Sizes Available US0 – US14

Everyday Essential


Power Split-Hem Legging

Sizes Available XXS – XXL

Seamless Design


Perfect Fit Leggings

Sheer Skirted

Eleven By Venus Williams

Outskirt Capri

Fit and Flare


Real Me Crossover Flare Laggings

Sizes Available XXS – XXL

Seamless Scrunch


Amplify Leggings

Sizes Available XXS – XXL

4-Way Stretch


PureLuxe Maternity Leggings

Sizes Available XXS – 4XL

Crisscross Bodycon

Live The Process

Orion Cutout Legging

Versatile Function


Elation 2 in 1 Capri

Sizes Available XXS – 3XL

Carry ’N Go

Free People

Trail Cargo Leggings

Power Lounger

Victoria’s Secret

Love Cloud Ruched Legging

Seam Contouring


Whitney High Rise Legging

Lace-Up Front

Year Of Ours

Ribbed Football Leggings

Graphic Print


Cardi B Tights

Italian Perform


Bonded Sports Legging

How to Shop for Workout Leggings

While you may think shopping for the best workout leggings comes easily, your personal preferences will come into play. From the type of material and overall fit to smaller details like zipper pockets, there are a handful of things to consider as you look for your favorites.

What makes a pair of the best leggings (for you) will often depend on the material. How much stretch do you want? Are you looking for a blend of Lycra or Spandex? Maybe you want something with more compression. Be sure to look at the material of the leggings in question to get an idea of how they’ll feel—because that’ll be the primary factor for what’ll feel comfortable.

Varying inseam lengths come in handy when you want the option of capris or ankle leggings—or you’re on the taller side and need some extra material. Each style can elongate your legs or accentuate your calves, depending on what you like. The flared style is also perfect for playing with proportions.

To seam or not to seam? That’s a question for your comfort and the legging’s durability. Over time, seams can cause chafing or even begin to separate. Seamless styles not only provide you with a smooth look but a comfortable feel.

Pockets may be the greatest invention ever created. You don’t want to lug your purse to the gym or have it on your person while exercising. Leggings with pockets are perfect for those small essentials we need on hand. Added bonus if they’re hidden on the inside of the fabric.

Karissa Franklin is one of the fashion assistants at ELLE Magazine.

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