Friday, April 12, 2024

10 Self-Tanner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Evans says applying proper hydration, especially to problem areas, before tanning is the most important step. However, moisturizing too much before, during or after the tan can dilute the color. “Think of the self-tan as paint, and your moisturizer is water. We paint the tan on the body and use the moisturizer to dilute the color and to blend and fade,” she explains. 

DiMarchi agrees that over-moisturizing can prevent color from developing. “So it’s actually a good idea to apply more moisturizer to tricky areas like the hands, elbows and knees, but don’t overdo it on the body. Otherwise, you might not get the best color payoff.” 

Evans says the back of the wrists, elbows, feet, crease in the heel and any severe dry patches like eczema/psoriasis are especially important to moisturize. Ensuring these spots are hydrated will help prevent color from overdeveloping. Additionally, it’s important to do a light coat of moisturizer on the face before a tan so the color appears more natural, notes DiMarchi.

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